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message360° provides the complex infrastructure of telecom, email, and mail house distribution all in one API. Easily integrate voice, text, email, and direct mail functionality with just a few lines of code.

Available Platforms


Portable Class Library Download

A project for creating a C# class library (.dll) that can run on Windows, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

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Cocoa Touch Static Library Download

A foundation framework based template for building static library in Objective-C.

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Android Library (Gradle) Download

A gradle based android library project, which can be used with Android Studio as well as command line based gradle build system.

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Java Library (Eclipse) Download

An eclipse based java library project, which can be used with JRE7.

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Angular JS Download

An AngularJS library based on v1.3.0.

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Node.js Download

A Node.js npm package based on Node.js v0.12.4

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PHP Library Download

A php library based on PHP >= 5.3 and Composer dependency manager

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Python Library Download

A Python library based on Python 2.7, that uses PIP as the dependency manager

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Ruby Gem Download

A Ruby Gem based on Ruby >= 2.0.0

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Go Library Download

Go language (v1.4), client library package that is compatible with command line tools as well as the Goclipse IDE.

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