Payback API

Payback API

Publisher: Search Engine (Ursa)
Base URL:

Payback API is a service to track and optimize debts between a group of friends.

## Authentication

Currently the Payback API does not provide authenticated access.
Authentication will be implemented using OAuth, with logins by username and password, Facebook, Google and other services.

## Digital Signature

To prevent tampering of the data, a digital signature is included as a header in every request.
The header name is X-Checksum and it is calculated using HMAC-SHA1 of the JSON representation of an object
including url, query parameters and request body.

## Media Types

Where applicable this API uses the JSON media-type to represent resources states and affordances.

Requests with a message-body are using plain JSON to set or update resource states.

## Error States

The common [HTTP Response Status Codes]( are used.

Available Platforms

DISCLAIMER: These SDKs are generated using publicly available descriptions of APIs that anyone has created. As such there are no guarantees for any of the SDKs below, or that this listing is maintained by or even related to the company it claims to be, unless explicitly specified.


Portable Class Library Download Customise

A project for creating a C# class library (.dll) that can run on Windows, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Download Documentation


Cocoa Touch Static Library Download Customise

A foundation framework based template for building static library in Objective-C.

Download Documentation


Android Library (Gradle) Download Customise

A gradle based android library project, which can be used with Android Studio as well as command line based gradle build system.

Download Documentation

Java Library (Eclipse) Download Customise

An eclipse based java library project, which can be used with JRE7.

Download Documentation


Angular JS Download Customise

An AngularJS library based on v1.3.0.

Download Documentation

Node.js Download Customise

A Node.js npm package based on Node.js v0.12.4

Download Documentation


PHP Library Download Customise

A php library based on PHP >= 5.3 and Composer dependency manager

Download Documentation


Python Library Download Customise

A Python library based on Python 2.7, that uses PIP as the dependency manager

Download Documentation


Ruby Gem Download Customise

A Ruby Gem based on Ruby >= 2.0.0

Download Documentation


Go Library Download Customise

Go language (v1.4), client library package that is compatible with command line tools as well as the Goclipse IDE.

Download Documentation

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