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SDKs (Software Development Kits) are an essential part of the developer experience, providing developers with a convenient and user-friendly way to interact with APIs. SDKs abstract away complexity and reduce the amount of code needed to perform common tasks. Despite their importance, SDKs can be difficult to build and maintain in multiple languages. Without established standards, teams are left to make decisions with incomplete information around what developers want and the features other companies are including in their SDKs. aims to improve the state of SDK development by offering a compilation of recommended practices for creating and utilizing SDKs. This resource covers subjects such as design and support, as well as guidelines for constructing top-notch SDKs, offering developers the knowledge they need to make well-informed choices and produce exceptional software.

What you'll find

How SDKs help developers looks at 7 ways SDKs help developers and does your company need SDKs provides tips to determine if your company and developer community would benefit from an SDK program.

Best practices starts with your design and laying the foundation for your development. Next, we cover how to build SDKs that are feature complete and resilient. Lastly, we look at ways to engage and support developers using your SDKs.

Ways to build SDKs explore four popular ways to offer SDKs. We do a deep dive into code generation and how to evaluate open source and paid services.

Industry research is a project looking at SDK programs offered by leading technology companies. We observe trends and share insights to better understand the state of SDK development and where it's headed.

Why did we create

Our team at APIMatic have a lot of experience building SDKs for APIs and want to share it with you. Throughout the site we share our opinions on a range of topics informed by our experiences building SDKs used by millions of developers.


We don't have all the answers and invite you to contribute your stories and experiences building SDKs. What challenges have you faced and how did you solve them.

Head over to GitHub discussions to start the conversation with our team and tell us how you'd like to contribute. If you find an error and want to submit an issue or a pull request, we appreciate your help.

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