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Create Developer Groups around your SDKs

Forums are classically known as areas where discussions happen. Your company might have its own discussion board, or monitor sites like Stack Overflow for conversations about your APIs. You might even have a Slack or Discord group for developers. Depending on the platform and your level of control, it helps to establish groups where similar developers can connect and find answers to their questions. You might create an SDK group or even individual language groups if you find python and php developers questions are best grouped separately.

If you administer the forum software, make sure you’ve established a code of conduct to keep conversations positive. Your support and/or developer relations team can help with moderating discussions and offering help. Try to strike a balance between your team answering questions first and leaving questions unanswered for weeks. I like to give the community 24-48 hours to respond to new questions.

Looking to enable conversations and planning to open source your SDKs on GitHub? You should checkout GitHub discussions. Your developers can ask and answer questions. You'll be able to create categories for discussions, moderate your community and share SDK updates with them.

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